Helping kids recognize and accept the great love of their heavenly Father.

Our Story:  The founders and directors of Lifting Kids, Daniel and Emilee López, met in Guatemala in 2013.  Emilee, an Ohio native and recent graduate of Miami University, moved to Guatemala in hopes of gaining experience in the social work field.  Daniel, born and raised in Guatemala, had just given-up a career in sales and was dipping his toes into life on the mission field.  While working in ministry together, they realized how closely their passions and callings aligned.  We decided that wherever the Lord called us, we wanted to go together.  It turns out, week after week, month after month, year after year, God called us to the small village of Buena Vista.  We’ve watched many of our students grow-up before our eyes.  Our hearts and lives are fully-devoted and we are confident in God’s purpose for us here.

We have been married for five years and have two beautiful children, Gio (4) and Camila (1), along with our very-loved German Shepherd, Charley.

[CORONAVIRUS UPDATE:  The country of Guatemala is currently on lockdown.  All schools (including ours), public transportation, and flights into Guatemala have been suspended.  If the lockdown is not lifted by April, or longer, the money from your sponsorship will go directly to your student’s family, in the form of food and physical necessities.  The families of our students work day-to-day.  They do not have “emergency funds” or the ability to “stock-up” on items.  Many places of employment have been closed as well.  Because of the national emergency, the Lopez family is not able to travel back to Guatemala at this time.  However, we have three dedicated staff members who are able to make these food deliveries, in the case that classes do not resume in April.]

We pray everyone stays safe and healthy.


Cultivating minds through supplemental lessons in reading, writing, and mathematics.


Nourishing bodies with regular meals and basic health care.


Fueling spirits through bible school, discipleship, and the love of Jesus.

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how you can help

There are many ways you can be a part of Lifting Kids. You can help right from home through prayer and financial support, or consider joining us for a week-long mission trip.